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Product Care

Easy maintenance and care recommendations for your favorite Mach Apparel and accessories.


General Guidelines

In order to preserve your favorite garments, reconsider your washing routine. Washing clothes less frequently not only minimizes wear caused by machine cycles but also lessens your environmental impact. Between washes, refresh your cycling kit by airing it out and gently dabbing stains with a sponge and mild soap.

On laundry day, safeguard your kit and washing machine by wiping off excess dirt with warm water and a sponge. Though sorting by color and material takes time, it prevents color bleeding and lets you customize wash settings. Follow garment care labels for temperature settings, and skip fabric softeners that can leave a waxy residue, compromising breathability and stretchiness.

Avoid tumble-drying your cycling clothes to conserve energy and maintain their quality; these machines can shrink and damage fabrics. If necessary, opt for a low heat setting. By adopting these tips, you not only extend your garments' lifespan but also reduce your environmental footprint."


Storage Guidance

Certain pieces in your cycling wardrobe become daily essentials, while others see less use with changing seasons. Proper storage is key.

Pay attention to where you store your gear. During winter, avoid damp, poorly ventilated spaces where mold can thrive and damage your apparel. Utilize moth- and dust-proof bags to protect your garments, and store them in a dry, well-ventilated wardrobe or cupboard, away from direct sunlight.