Free 2-Day Shipping on orders $150+
Free 2-Day Shipping on orders $150+

Crash Replacement Policy

It happens... shoot an email below with details and photos of your damaged kit, including your original receipt and we will provide you with a 30% discount on a replacement kit*

*Conditions Apply:

- Proof of purchase must be provided. Receipt or order confirmation.

- The age of your kit will be taken into consideration. Fair wear and tear is not covered.

- The discount provided may be used to replace the damaged item/s from the same product group. e.g If 1 pair of bib shorts is damaged, a discount will be provided for the purchase of 1 pair of bib shorts.

- The replacement discount may only be applied at the Mach Apparel online store.

- This offer is only available to the original purchaser.

- Does not include accessories, ie hats, socks, knee warmers, etc.