About Us

The Mach Way

Mach Apparel is a performance and innovation endurance company focused entirely on the athlete. Based out of Denver, Colorado, we bring together cutting edge technology, eco-friendly production techniques and athlete-centric design principles.

Our vision is to build extraordinary apparel for extraordinary athletes. Whether you are a Pro, an Age Grouper, or a newbie, we want to help you go faster, go further and go for longer.

We constantly incorporate feedback from our Mach Pros and our growing community of Mach Ambassadors to optimize our blend of performance, comfort and style. Our customers tell us that the result is extraordinary. 

Our Core Principles

We are guided by a set of principles that we call the 7 P’s. Every day, we try to live up to these standards.

Passion: Embody our brand through dedication to the discipline for our sport & product

People: Always delight our customers and co-workers

Performance: Accept nothing but the highest performance both professionally & personally

Philanthropy: Make sacrifices for those in need and champion the disadvantaged

Positivity: Create positivity in life through work

Pride: Have pride in the work you do and the person you are

Progress: Always move forward