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What Does Anti-Microbial Mean? And Why Is It Important?

What Does Anti-Microbial Mean? And Why Is It Important?

Anti-microbial technology is an increasingly popular trend in the fashion industry, and especially in sporting apparel. Touting qualities such as killing bacteria and eliminating perma-stink (you know what we are talking about), we are here to educate you on the real benefits of anti-microbial clothing.

Do you wash your clothes over and over again trying to get that sweaty musk out only to find they smell the exact same as soon as you start sweating again? Preventing this, among other things, is one of the many unique qualities of the quickly growing anti-microbial trend.

What is it?

Most anti-microbial technology reduces odors commonly occurring in heavily used clothing by providing a passive barrier that helps to prevent odor-causing bacteria from taking root. We all know how many times we have tried to wash our workout clothing only to find they smell exactly the same when they come out of the wash - and that is exactly why this trend has been increasingly popular among athletic communities.

Building off of existing anti-microbial technology, Mach’s unique and patented DR711 technology is basically a supercharged version of other antimicrobial materials. Not only does it help to eliminate odor, but it also actively absorbs and kills 99.9% of all microbes and bacteria that contacts it within eight hours. Consequently, our treated fabric will stay odor-free, clean and pleasant to wear, no matter what kind of training and use you put it through!

Why is it important?

The first reason antimicrobial is important is because, by eliminating odors and bacteria, it reduces the need to incessantly wash your workout clothes. In turn, it not only helps your clothes stay cleaner and fresher, but also helps them last longer as the wear and tear of excessive washing will not be a concern.

Second, you can work out harder, longer and more frequently without worrying about how your clothes will fare. With antimicrobial technology, your clothes are tougher (and smell better) for longer, ensuring you are at the top of your game, no matter the workout.

And third, as no surprise, the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic has increased awareness around personal hygiene. Investing in antimicrobial technology and apparel is a natural extension of this by helping you avoid excessive bacterial contact and continue prioritizing your personal hygiene.

If you’re ready to invest in some anti-microbial, eco-friendly and USA designed and produced apparel, check out our men’s and women’s triathlon kits. Stay healthy and clean and protect the planet - what is better than that?


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