Ernie Mantell

Ernie Mantell hails from the land of 10,000 lakes where he started playing hockey at the ripe age of 2, mostly so that his older brother could have someone to rip pucks at in the basement. As he grew up, the only way to motivate him to complete anything resembling an endurance activity was by offering him ice cream (funny enough this still works).

After a brief stint on the ASU Ultimate frisbee team as a freshman, he watched his brother take 3rd at Collegiate Nationals in Tempe, and decided to join the Triathlon team his sophomore year. Due to an extremely addictive personality, and an easy class schedule he was able to develop into one of the top collegiate triathletes. He graduated from ASU in December 2016, and placed 3rd at collegiate nationals.

Ernie has numerous top 8 pro finishes, and after leaving his full time job this fall he is excited to be racing and training full time in order to maximize his performance.

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