Women's Tri Aero Shorts

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Engineered for comfort and specifically designed for triathlon. 120kg/m3 insert positioned to provide max protection in aero position while allowing freedom of movement during the running and swimming sessions

Articulated Fit

Design optimizes the bike aero position, whilst offering maximum flex and no restriction points while swimming and running

Power Band

Deep 4.5cm silicon bands anchors the suit in place with zero movement and no chafing.

Customer Reviews

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Lori Stottlemire
Something special!

Nicely designed kit with smooth details!
Something special delivered to your door. Can’t wait to open the pretty black box! Well done indeed.

Super comfortable!

These shorts are awesome, they fit great and have support in all of the right places! I was very impressed, also they are very lightweight and totally worth it!

Comfortable, well performing shorts

These shorts are not only cute but they feel great to wear. I wore these for a 45 mile bike ride and they felt amazing the entire time. The padding is enough to be comfortable but not too much where it feels like a diaper. The seams on the shorts are flattering and won't cut into your legs like other shorts. Made from quality materials and from a great company, can't go wrong with buying these!

comfortable and stylish

i'm very happy with these shorts! they provided me with a good chamois, they're comfy, and i like the look of them a lot

Super soft!

I have the aero suit and I bought this kit on a whim. The pictures don't do the colors justice as it looks less pink and more fuschia. There are no seams where I normally chafe which is a godsend. Less slathering myself in trislide/bodyglide. I wore it on a long run in the blazing sun and it stayed perfectly cool. The chamois has enough padding to be effective but not get in the way. Their customer service is extremely responsive when I reached out with questions (thanks Sean!) Love this kit.